Current Projects

Completed original scripts include:

The Defender: (Comedy Pilot,30 Min) A loudmouth reporter’s day goes from bad to worse when he ticks off a mobster and his right-wing cable news channel gets taken over by a left wing feminist website.

He Poops, He Scores:  (Feature Comedy): Two Die-Hard Toronto Maple Leafs fans decide the only way to save their dying father’s life is to buy the team and run it themselves…by making it big in Hollywood!

Lords of the Rink: (60 minute Drama Pilot) ‘Mad Men’ style historical fiction set in Maple Leaf Gardens in 1960’s Toronto

Some current factual ideas in pre-development phase include

YOU SUCK! 30-minute amateur sports competition series.

STUPERFANS A series examining the obsessive behaviour of so-called ‘Superfans’ of various genres including sports teams, bands, shock jocks, anime, television shows.

THINK DRINK A cooking-style show but with drinks instead of food, and plenty of old-school bartender advice!

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